American Singer Pounced On By Snake As She Filmed Music Video

Even as the music part of music videos becomes sidelined, musicians are resorting to gimmicks to gain popularity in the guise of music. And performing with wild animals is one way to get some quick attention. But it has its share of danger, as American singer Maeta found out the tough way.

Wild animals are unpredictable no matter how much you train them, and it is more true for reptiles, and they should be given the respect and space they deserve. And Maeta found all this a bit late in the day.

The American singer posted a 4-second video clip that showed her shocking experience. The graphic clip shows Maeta lying with the snake dangerously close to her face. Someone tries to place a second one on her when the first snake takes a fancy to Maeta’s chin and has a go at her.

A startled Maeta brushes away the snake and moves away, apparently just stung a bit. It is obvious that it is a fangless snake.

The 21-year-old Maeta has a contract with Jay-Z music label, Roc Nation. She signed up last year. In the viral video, she is wearing a black lace bodysuit. The offending snake was placed on her bare chest.

Offending Snake Went Off Script In Its Shoot With The American Singer

What should have been a simple sequence went off script as the reptile had other plans for the American singer. Or maybe they both planned it together to make the video go viral. Whatever may have been the script leading to the peck-on-the-chin moment, the snake is seen slowly slithering towards the American singer’s chin.

Maeta pushed away from the snake the moment it pecked her on the chin and rolled away. But it was obvious that she was startled by the sting. She remarked in the post about the things that she has to put up with to please her fans.

Fans expressed concern for both the American singer and the snake. While some were glad that Maeta was not hurt, others said that snakes should not get a negative image because of the incident. Maeta assured fans that both she and the reptile remained unharmed.

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